Power cables

This one-of-a-kind High End power cord is designed around ground-breaking DSC (Distributed Symmetric Conductor, patent pending) technology. The electrical energy transmission is carried out by two lines that consist of three similar conductors, configured around a central grounding conductor in a hexagonal arrangement (1+6) with an extremely efficient packing factor. The phase (L) and neutral (N) conductors are aligned in an alternating ring circuit. This structural topology enables the highest possible group wave speed, providing significant EMI reduction and good noise immunity up to 20-40dB compared to an ordinary 3-conductor topology. Low irradiation energy losses determine low and stable impedance in a wider frequency range from DC to tens of MHz and guarantee near-to-ideal energy transmission from power source to power consumer in a relatively compact outer diameter for an easy and aesthetically pleasing alternative to a conventional AC power cord. The complex SATI®/SASDB® insulation/binding combination significantly decreases the relative permittivity and signal energy losses within the dielectric. The X-Shield® SE (Super Efficiency) - the next generation of our patented Multi-Element Shielding System ensures superior EMI suppression especially at low frequencies, where industrial noise is most intensive, offers better vibration absorption and drastically reduces electro dynamic noise generated in the shield. The greatly improved shielding capability further increases the attainable dynamic range and makes the Reference AC Power an ideal solution not only for AV equipment, but for professional recording studio applications, as well as for ultra wide dynamic range sonic- and ultrasonic frequency measurement systems. With regards to vibration damping - which has a key influence on performance - we have used a unique thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® for jacketing. Developed exclusively by BASF, it possesses exceptional dielectric and vibration absorbing attributes. The new Reference AC connectors with advanced anti-resonant polycarbonate bodies and gold plated beryllium copper contact groups ensure loss-free electrical energy flow and complete the meticulous product visualization. When wired with the new Reference AC Power cords any AV system becomes harmonized and acquires unsurpassed definition, transparency and class-leading musical loftiness.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

Available Terminated Lenghts:

  • 1 х 1.65 m
  • 1 х 2.65 m
High End shielded power cord for Home AV (100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz)
DSC configured 3 х 1.50 mm² (28 х 0.26 mm) + 3 х 1.50 mm² (28 х 0.26 mm) + 1 х 1.50 mm² (28 х 0.26 mm) multi-stranded BRC
X-Shield® SE
2-layer thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan®
Protective cover
nylon sleeve
Outer diameter
16 mm
IEC 60320 (C13) / CEE 7/7 or US Type Reference AC connectors with gold plated beryllium copper contact groups and anti-resonant polycarbonate bodies for EUR/USA mains variants
in standard terminated lengths
Country of origin
made in Russia